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Our History:



To provide an outstanding program with experienced staff and the latest equipment.


40+ Years of Excellence

In 1969, the Central Tech Board and Administration set out to develop a quality truck driver training program. They felt it should be the mission of at least one area technology center in Oklahoma to focus part of its efforts and resources toward serving one of the state's largest industries - the trucking industry.


Quality Training at Affordable Prices

In 1988, legislative leaders devised a way to fund the expansion and upgrading of the Truck Driver Training Program at Drumright...determined to make it "second to none" in the nation. The Board, Administration, and Staff of Central Tech responded by adding the latest equipment and teaching techniques as well as expanding the on-campus driving range.



There is no such thing as an overqualified truck driver.



News spreads fast. Industry recruiters snap up Central Tech graduates as fast as they can be trained. Today, the school has a placement rate of 98.7 percent and a reputation for turning out professional, employable trainees.


Ask the professionals. They'll agree. . . "The best insurance is a better driver, and the best drivers start at Central Tech."

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We seem to live in a time when promises are easily made and just as easily unfulfilled. After my facility visit with Mr. Brown last December I was excited to apply for admission to the TDT program, and at the same time a bit skeptical about the depth and extent that was detailed.


To my very pleasant surprise, the program turned out to be everything promised and much more. You have a staff of instructors and administrators that is (unfortunately) unusual in this day and time. While the instructors have their own personalities and approach to instruction, all share the same dedication to the students and program. I received help with and without request on my part, as well as constantly being challenged to perform at a high level in every phase of the instruction. To say that this program is a unique and challenging learning experience would be a gross understatement.


I was fortunate to draw Mr. McMillan as an instructor. The class began with a diverse group of students, some of whom were obviously there only to acquire the CDL necessary to allow them entry into the world of professional truck driving as easily as possible. As the class progressed, I observed all (with possibly one minor exception) become determined to excel. The comments about only needing "70 or 80" to pass were replaced by disappointment with 90+ scores. I observed this diverse group of students become increasingly committed to gaining everything possible from the program. I believe Mr. McMillan's teaching style, motivation, enthusiasm and obvious desire for all his students to excel was responsible for pulling this group together. The class concluded with students wanting perfect scores and willing to help their classmates achieve the same results. Mr. McMillan's dedication certainly spread throughout the group.


This has been an experience I will long remember and treasure. I am deeply grateful to all of you for your efforts.


I will be sharing with our legislators some of these comments as well as the benefits to the state of Oklahoma this program provides. I hope the school's funding remains at or above current levels due to the direct impact on the lives of students, their families and the tax revenue that will be generated for many years to come for Oklahoma.


Also, I'd like to investigate volunteer driving opportunities in this area. If you have any ideas or contacts please forward them.

Once again, thank you all for a great and memorable experience.


Mike Zaffuto








Steve and Janet Kraft drive as a team.  They graduated from Central Tech in March 2008 from the class taught by Mr. Monachella and Ms. Cisco.  Here are their comments:


"Central Tech was recommended to us by the recruiter at our current company.  Once Steve researched some of the schools mentioned we decided Central Tech was where we wanted to go because of their study program and extensive driving range - it covered all the maneuvers needed in real world over the road truck driving."


Steve had prior truck driving experience delivering construction materials to job site settings.  “The computer lab and the bookwork made me a better educated truck driver.  The skills we practiced made me better prepared for the situations I would encounter in over the road driving and dock to dock pickup and delivery.”  Janet never planned on being a truck driver, but when they were deciding their next career path it sounded fun and sort of romantic (of course they were in sunny Florida at the time; since then they’ve seen all kinds of winter weather!).  Janet said “I was happy that we both had to go through truck driver training because I probably would not have done it by myself.  The very comprehensive course offered at Central Tech prepared me for handling a vehicle larger than anything I had ever driven before.  The course taught the skills and maneuvers needed for real life truck driving.  The very positive teaching style made it easy to learn and not feel intimidated.  The driving course is awesome; you have room to learn how to handle how the truck moves, as well as learning the shifting tempo.  Once we mastered the truck handling we got plenty of real road miles both loaded and empty.  I don’t think any other driving school offers this level of training.  "When we left Central Tech Truck Driver Training I felt like a real truck driver and knew I could handle the job."


The biggest challenges they have faced?  Steve said "sleeping when the truck is moving to get proper rest while on the road, and working out the details of the team schedule and operation."  Janet said "backing up at truck stops without getting nervous."  Since she learned to drive a car in Florida, she has been challenged with learning to drive in all types of weather from beautiful blue skies and the sun in your eyes to snow and ice on the road with limited visibility.


The Kraft’s’ advice to someone wanting to make a career change to truck driving? Steve:  "Research many trucking companies to find out rate of pay, benefits, home time policy, anything that will be important to you.  Over the road truck driving is not a 9-5 Monday-Friday job and you have to decide within yourself if you have what it takes:  patience, flexibility, self-discipline.  You are responsible for planning your routes and always being on time for pickups and deliveries.  Manage your time and if you think you will have extra time take it when close to your destination just in case something happens to delay you."  Janet:  "Go For It!  Do your homework, then get the best training you can to be the best truck driver you can be.  Stick with a company for 6 months to a year- you won’t know if it’s a good fit without giving it some time, plus the longer you are there the better the benefits and pay get.  Sign up for the Truck Driver Training at Central Tech.  Do yourself a favor and get training from the best of the best - then you’ll be ready to hit the road!"










"Hello, this is Eric Devore returning your call, I'm on an overnight stop in Wichita, KS, and I thought I'd give you a call back."  That is how the conversation started with Eric Devore, a graduate of the Professional Truck Driver program at Central Technology Center.  Committed to his profession and the safety of himself and others on the road, Devore waited to return the call requesting an interview until he was safely off the road and able to concentrate on the conversation.


With excitement in his voice, Eric was eager to tell of his training at Central Tech and say how he has succeeded as a professional truck driver because of the training he received at Central Tech.  "I owe everything to Central Tech for the way they trained me."  Eric said he had always had an interest in the trucking industry, but did not pursue his interest until he lost his job and wanted to go into a different line of work.  "I heard about Central Tech through my father, and I'm so glad he passed the information on to me."


He began his training on January 15, 2003, and graduated the class on February 14, 2003.


As a way of promoting driver's abilities, the American Trucking Association holds driving contests each year.  In 2007, Eric competed and received the Rookie of the Year award.  This year (2009), he topped all drivers in the five-axle class, earning first place.  "I competed in the Oklahoma State Truck Driving Championship in Oklahoma City and earned first place for the tractor-trailer five-axle tank class.  Most importantly, I earned a perfect score on the pre-trip inspection."  He said he found out later that a perfect score has not been achieved since the truck driving championships began in the 1930's.  "On top of receiving a perfect score, I also did the pre-trip inspection in record time.  I did it in 6 minutes, 43 seconds; we have 8 to complete the inspection."


Devore said he is proud to be a part of the Central Tech tradition, and wherever he goes, he wants people to know about the truck driver training program.  "It's the best in the nation and everyone should know about it."  Not only was it the excellent training he received at Central Tech that helped him succeed, but also the atmosphere of family that embraces Central Tech.  "I have to say thanks to all of the Central Tech family for helping me succeed.  I owe all of my success and confidence to Central Tech."  While in the Truck Driver Training program, Devore said he really appreciated the way his instructor, Mark Brown, took him under his wing.  "I really looked up to Mark Brown," Devore said.  "I've been able to take everything he taught me to heart and I have really been able to succeed with my career as a professional truck driver."


Eric Devore offered to return to Central Tech to complete the interview and show off his hardware earned at the competition.  As he arrived, the heat radiated off the hot pavement of the driving range on the Truck Driver Training facility.  Braving the heat, Devore proudly walked across the pavement and stood next to one of the trucks he trained in as a student.  "I just love talking to people about Central Tech," he said.  "It was such a great experience.  The training I received has really helped me to succeed as a professional truck driver - and there's a difference between a truck driver and a professional truck driver."  Mark Brown was quick to agree saying, "That's what we strive for around here - more professionalism in the industry."









Terry Amiott graduated July 11, 2008, from Mr. Monachella's class. On the day after Terry Amiott's graduation, his wife gave birth to a baby girl. He was home with them for the weekend, and on Monday started his new job with a company hauling in the oilfield. He had a trainer for 3 days (his trainer calls him DC because he can double clutch). On the first location he went to, he had to back around a U shape and it took him 2 tries. His female supervisor said that was pretty good since it took her 3 tries the first time; she’s been driving for 15 years. She also said he must have gone to a good school. After the first 3 days, they gave him his own truck.


The biggest challenges he has faced are the roads – he hauls mostly on dirt roads and some paved roads of course, but the dirt roads get slick when wet. Most of them have the red clay dirt which is really slick.


Terry says that Central Tech Truck Driver Training changed his life. He’s got a great job and makes good money, but he’s still home every evening about 7-7:30 p.m. That way he gets to spend time with his family.


What advice would he give to someone wanting to make a career change to truck driving? Listen and learn all you can while in school. Once you get out on the road, there’s no one to tell you what to do, when to do it, or how to do it.









Danielle Jones

My name is Danielle Jones and I graduated from Central Tech in June of 2003. Mark Brown was my instructor.


Trucking was a career choice I never thought I would make, but my previous job as a Medical Secretary, for Arkansas Children’s Medical Services, had taken an emotional toll. My friends encouraged me to consider driving, but I did not have much confidence; that is, until I attended Central Tech. Mr. Brown instilled the confidence I needed to succeed. His calm demeanor and vast experience as a driver himself helped me to embrace driving as a reality and a career that anyone could be successful at. I took away from Central Tech skills that were admired by my subsequent trainers at Schneider National. In fact, my over-the-road trainer cut me loose to drive solo earlier than usual, as she considered me advanced above those she normally took out.


Years later I am still driving, but as an owner-operator leased to Dart Transit; and with over a million miles behind me I have a perfect DOT record with no tickets and no preventable accidents. This I attribute to God first and Central Tech training second. Drivers must make life and death decisions every time we get behind the wheel. Should I pass? Are the roads too slick to drive on? Is my speed okay? How’s my log book? Can I pass a DOT inspection? Whenever these and other questions arise I fall back on my Central Tech training and the knowledge passed on to me by Mr. Brown.


My advice to someone wanting to drive, check with Central Tech and then afterward put each and every day in God’s hands; He will always steer you in the right direction. God said "do not fear" 365 times, once for every day of the year.






Student Reviews


The Central Tech truck driver training program is phenomenal! If you pay for training elsewhere, you are wasting your money. All of the instructors teach with expertise and assist with your problem areas. Upon graduation you are well prepared for the open road. Outstanding program!!


---Leona U., Sapulpa, OK


Keep at it. Remember you are still learning. It has been done within the alloted amount of time and if you need more time you will get it. Apply what you have learned it will click one day.


---Lorna H., Tulsa, OK


Twenty-three days of intense information and learning skills that at times seemed unattainable. My frustrations were always met with sincere encouragement from every instructor put in my path. They always told me that I was gonna get it and I finally did!


----Frances Y., Cache, OK



Thanks to Central Tech I can earn a living to provide for my family. Although I broke a drive-shaft the first day in a truck the school was understanding and continued to work with me and helped me obtain all skills to drive a truck. The best instructors and program in the state and very thankful for the opportunity. God Bless Central Tech and the instructors, as well as the office personnel.


---Bobby D., Moore, OK



After 12 years of constant training in the service, this course was by far the best I ever attended. I came in with zero knowledge and exceled through all of the sections. Anytime I had questions or was behind on figuring out a manuever, there would be an instructor to help one on one.



---Kenneth E., Stillwater, OK



Central Tech puts people to work. Oklahoma's Vo-Tech system is tops in the country. The best use of tax dollars for education and the truck driving course is just another example of that.



---Ron R., Beggs, OK



 Two students to a truck, plenty of knowledgeable instructors for a good student to instructor ratio. Excellent practice range!! If you are in the Midwest, this is the place to go for quality instruction.


--Mark M., Oklahoma City, OK





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